These Terms and Conditions define the conditions under which you may make a reservation and rent your Apartment. Making a reservation is unequivocal with the acceptance of the Terms and Conditions. Baltico Apartments reserve the right to refuse reservations.




Apartment reservations are made for a minimum of 3 nights in the high season (May - September) and 2 nights in the low season (October - April).


Reservations are made by filling in and sending a reservation form on the website www.baltico.ustka.pl. A deposit booking requires a deposit of 30% of the booking fee with a booking term for a minimum of one week before arrival, 80% of the booking value for 3 days before the scheduled arrival date. In other cases, the full amount is charged for the reservation on arrival.


The reservation deposit must be paid within 3 days of the initial booking, by bank transfer to the bank account provided in the email. In the event of not making a deposit within the specified period, the reservation will be canceled.


Account information:


Słupska Giełda Nieruchomości Sp. With o.o.

ul. Wileńska 36/3

76-200 Słupsk

 Account number: 98 1090 2763 0000 0001 3435 5011

Baltico Reservation and Guest Name.


The deposit is non-refundable. Upon receipt of the deposit will be sent to you with an email confirming receipt of it with all the information necessary to complete the stay. On the day of commencement of stay, the guest is obliged to pay the remaining amount for the Resident in cash.




The agreement between the Baltico Apartments and the client only covers the apartment. Arrival, meals and organization of time of stay are the responsibility of the guests.

Guests can not rent / rent the Apartment to third parties.

The total rental price can be converted to the website of the facility. Price details are given in the price list before booking. The rental price includes utilities (electricity, water) and final cleaning. Baltico Apartments will not charge you any extra charges other than those indicated on the website, except for the local fee (so-called climate tax) of PLN 3 per day per person (paid in cash on arrival).


The prices quoted do not constitute an offer within the meaning of art. 66 pairs 1 Civil Code.

The Lessor reserves the right to enter the premises during the Guest's stay regardless of his presence in the premises without the need of his consent, when there is a suspicion of a crime and in the event of an emergency (threat to life or property, i.e. flooding, fire), important interest of the guest or the landlord or other urgent need.



Baltico Apartments reserve the right to collect a refundable deposit in the amount of PLN 200 to PLN 400 depending on the standard of finish and equipment, to cover the damage caused by the Guest's fault.




Arrivals should be made in the hours fixed with the Resident responsible for handing over the keys. The guest is obliged to inform the Resident not later than the day before arrival at the planned time of receipt of the keys. Standard can be entered from 15.00 on arrival and departure. 11.00 on the day of departure, unless agreed otherwise with the Resident. If you can not reach the agreed hour, the Guest is obliged to immediately notify the Resident by telephone. The client is obliged to pay a fixed amount for the reservation even if for reasons beyond the property owner, arrival or stay will be delayed or shortened (communication difficulties, strikes, personal reasons).


Arrivals and departures at night from 22 to 6am in addition to 50 PLN.



* Smoking and tobacco products are strictly prohibited on the premises.


* The number of people staying in the property is limited to the one shown on the reservation. Guest is obliged to inform by phone or e-mail Baltico Apartments of any change of this number. If this number exceeds the number of people listed on the reservation, the person responsible for the keys may refuse to release the keys to the object. The customer is obliged to ensure that the principles of good neighborhood and maintenance of the object are maintained. Guests staying in the Baltico Apartments can stay between 7 and 22 hours.


* Guests are advised to leave kitchen utensils and kitchen utensils before departure as this is not included in final cleaning.


* An earlier, unsuccessful departure of a guest without transferring the Resident Suite may result in a claim from the Baltico Apartments.


* The customer is obliged to immediately inform the Resident of any damage and shortcomings found in the property and to report damage caused during the stay. The liability of such damages and their removal shall be covered by the customer.


* If you lose your keys to the Apartment, you should immediately notify the Resident. In case of loss of keys a fee of 50 PLN will be charged.


* Baltico Apartments are not liable for damages or loss of personal rights of the Guest. Items left behind may be returned at the expense of the owner only upon receiving such a request. Personal items left by our guests are stored by the Baltico Apartments for 2 weeks, after which they will be disposed of.




A) Change of stay


After making a deposit, your refund is not payable. It is possible to change the booking date after the deposit, provided that such change is made at least 14 days before the original booking date and that the apartment is free at the new date. Changes can only be made with the original length of stay. If you change your reservation date, you must cancel your original booking by sending an email to biuro@baltico.ustka.pl with a new deadline. If you choose a new term for a more expensive season, a difference in price is required.


B) Extension or shortening of stay


The stay in the apartment can only be extended if the apartment is free. The guest is obliged to report the desire to extend the stay to the Resident.

If for reasons beyond Baltico Apartments, the Guest will be required to shorten the stay, it is necessary to inform the Resident immediately. In this case, you will not be entitled to reimbursement of unused bookings incurred by the Guest.


C) Changing the number of people


The number of people listed on the reservation can be changed. In case of a change in the number of persons, the customer is obliged to inform Apartment Baltico by phone or e-mail.


D) Baltico Apartments reserves the right to change the booked apartment to another of a similar standard with the original booking amount and the number of persons. In case, the apartment will be cheaper in the reserved time will return the difference in the price of rent, resulting from the price list on www.baltico.ustka.pl




Pets are only allowed in Baltico Apartments upon prior arrangement with the Resident. The guest is materially responsible for any damage done on the property made by his or her pet.



By making a reservation on the website www.baltico.ustka.pl the Reseller agrees to place his personal data in the database. Data will be processed solely for the purpose of booking, facilitating subsequent bookings in accordance with the provisions of the Act of 29 August 1997 on the protection of personal data. The subscriber has the right to access his / her personal data and update them.




  The law applicable to disputes between the owner and the client is Polish law. Disputes will be resolved by the court proper for the seat of the Baltico Apartments.

  The conditions under which the apartments can be rented and the booking made is unequivocal with the acceptance of the provisions of the Regulations. Baltico Apartments reserve the right to refuse reservations.